The United Nation Organization office in Colombo temporarily closed down – Lankasri News

Reports states, the United Nation Office in Colombo is temporarily closed down. The National Freedom Alliance headed by Government Minister Wimal Weerawansa conducted a protest in front of United Nation Office today to dismantle the Expert panel which is originated by United Nation Organization Secretary Ban Ki Moon in regard to war crimes in Sri Lanka.

The protestors in conclusion of their protest, blocked the two entrances of the UN Colombo office, and obstructed the employees leaving the office premises, held a “Sathiyagiraha” in front of the UN office. Due to this the police and the protestors were on serious argument which later erupted to a clash. At this situation, Minister Wimal Weerawansa ordered the protestors to attack, hence one of the police officer was assaulted. At this situation, the police forcibly dragged the persons involved in “Sathiyagiraha” and removed them from the locality.

Wimal Weerawansa at this moment showed his severe condemn towards the incident, and even gave opinions against the police. It was visually able to observe that the Minister was pointing each of the police officer, and was scolding the police officers who were assigned for duty. Wimal Weerawansa said, that until Ban Ki Moon withdraws the expert panel, his protest will continue, and it will be later processed as hunger protest until death.

At this moment the Sri Lankan employees of the UN office who were unable to leave the office, as it was surrendered by the protestors, were safely removed from the premises by the Police. Even while the staff was leaving, the protestors began to hoot at them. Later in the evening the United Nation Organization’s foreign employees were safely removed from the office.

At this moment the protestors with the assistance of some performers carried fire torches showed their oppose. After all the incidents came to an end, Secretary to the External Affairs Romesh Jayasinghe arrived to the spot and had discussions with Wimal Weerawansa including the groups involved in the protest.