The Campaign SST has issued the following press release in connection with events of the last few days in Sri Lanka and the demonstration in Wesdtminster:-


The anger and anguish of Tamil people, expressed on today’s demonstrations in Westminster, is entirely understandable as Tamils are are being massacred in the north of Sri Lanka.

News has reached us that chemical weapons from India as well as Indian troops are involved in what the Rajapakse government thinks is its last push to defeat the LTTE.

It is entirely possible that thousands more civilians will be slaughtered in the next few days.

Our campaign – ‘Stop the Slaughter of Tamils’ – launched in Tamil Nadu last month and with a section in London, is responding to the call for an international day of protest tomorrow.

There will be a walking picket and protest at India House, denouncing the involvement of the Indian government in giving support to the murderous Rajapakse government.

Some of the demands of our campaign are listed on the leaflet attached which announces the details of tomorrow’s demonstration.

We stand full square for the right of the Tamil people to determine their own future and not to be driven by a Sinhala chauvinist government to submit to its rule. As the two page article in last Sunday’s Observer’ confirms, the Sri Lankan government has set up Nazi-style concentration camps and not genuine welfare centres for the tens of thousands of displaced Tamil people in the Wanni and neighbouring areas who urgently need food and medical attention.

We do not support all the methods used by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, but believe the British government should condemn the Sri Lankan government’s actions and the Indian and other governments who support it either actively or in their silence about the horrific human and democratic rights violations.