Tamil Solidarity Supports Public Strike Action in UK

Tomorrow, 750 000 workers are expected to protest across the country against the pension cuts. Most trade unions are involved in this fight against Con-Dem Government attacks, including PCS, NUT, UCU and ATL and many more.

Many Tamil-speaking people in Britain also work in the public sector, in the civil service, job centres, schools and colleges, and will be involved or affected by the government’s attack on pensions and cutbacks on public-sector provision.

Tamil Solidarity encourages all Tamil-speaking people in Britain to get involved actively in this struggle. The government under-estimates the strength of struggling workers and trade unions.

Tomorrow is the chance for our voices to be heard. This is the struggle of all working class people for their rights. Let’s stand in solidarity and show them our real strength. Show your support by taking part in tomorrow’s strike.

What does Government pension cut actually mean?

It means that we will be working longer, paying more and receiving a lower pension when we retire.

  • AN END TO FINAL SALARY PENSION SCHEMES – to be replaced by ‘career average’ schemes in order to cut the value of your pension.
  • PAYING MORE – with the Government wanting to increase pension contributions by 50% – robbing £100 a month or so from teachers just as we are about to be clobbered by a pay freeze and rising inflation.
  • The proposals will mean members will be expected to double or treble their contributions (the value of an extra day’s work a month), and accept cuts of 20-50% in the value of pensions.
  • RETIRING OLDER – the ‘normal pension age’ would rise first to 65 for all but increase further to 68 in future to track the rising state pension age.

Written by: Isai Priya