Urge to support the campaign to Stop the deportation of Mr Nandan Balenthran to Sri Lanka.


Please call Morton Hall Immigration Removal Centre to register your protest (01522 666 700) and Please Sign the petition below. 

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To: Home Office and Morton Hall immigration removal centre

Stop the deportation of Mr Nandan Balenthran to Sri Lanka

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you to express my concern at your decision to deport Mr Nandan Balenthran to Sri Lanka.
I believe that Mr Balenthran faces arrest, imprisonment and other oppressive measures due to his consistent campaigning for the rights of Tamil-speaking people in Sri Lanka.

Mr Balenthran’s activity with and support for the Tamil Solidarity campaign while he has been in the UK puts him at heightened risk. In fact, Tamil Solidarity activists have been refused entry into Sri Lanka when they have attempted to visit family in the country. This cruel irony must be noted.

I would also like to register my protest at the detention of Mr Nandan Balenthran and at the subsequent process. Mr Balenthran was detained on 24 August and has been told he will be deported on 8 September. That runs counter to any reasonable procedure. He must be given adequate time to consult with his legal representatives and to prepare a fresh asylum claim.

Yours faithfully,