SST protest outside Indian Embassy in Dublin-Laura Fitzgerald


At 5pm on the 22nd of April, shouting ‘Not a rupee, not a bullet, to the Rajapaska government’, protesters gathered in front of the Indian Embassy at a picket called by the ‘Stop the Slaughter of Tamils’ campaign.
In the knowledge that the assault on Tamils in Sri Lanka was escalating during the moment of our protest, we shouted angrily, shaming the Indian government due to the fact that they are complicit in these unspeakable horrors being visited upon the Tamil people of Sri Lanka.

During the protest, Cillian of the Socialist Party spoke about against anti-democratic, capitalist and racist regime of Sri Lanka, as well as all the international imperialist powers that assist the regime. He urged the need for mass struggle internationally to stop the war, a war that disgracefully is barely being reported around the world.

You could hear a pin drop as a member of the Tamil community movingly addressed the crowd, detailing his despair after speaking to a family member trapped in the war-zone in Sri Lanka. Neither he, nor his family had eaten for days.
We handed in a letter of protest and plan to have further meetings and actions.

Laura Fitzgerald