Sri Lanka : Tamil Solidarity call for protest in London.

Tamil Solidarity fully supports the protests that are taking place against the Gotabaya Government.

Tamil Solidarity invites all those in UK to take part in the protest that is organised in London this Wednesday.

Protest outside Sri Lanka’s high commission : 13 Hyde Park Gardens, Tyburnia, London W2 2LU

Time : 12 noon – 3pm
Contact Mathan for further information : , 07454471030

Spontaneous and countrywide eruption of struggle is now taking place in Sri Lanka. Many youth and workers are gathering in parts of the country to express their anger against the government. Prices of the essential commodities have skyrocketed in recent times. While oil and gas become unaffordable, there are also long power cuts being implemented. Many have died while standing in long queues waiting for hours to get the basic essentials. The government has taken no action so far to better the conditions. If the conditions continue like this there will be starvation and more death by hunger will take place. There should be a fight back. Trade unions must come forward to organise strike action to support the mass actions taking place on the streets.

We demand immediate resignation of Rajapaksa’s government. Set up a democratically elected people assemblies locally and nationally to bring together all those in struggle, workers representatives, youth, farmers, and all section of the community on non-sectarian basis to decide an action programme to deal with the emergency and a government representing working people to implement it.

We fully support the demands and campaign that is initiated by United Socialist Party (USP) calling for mass action and union strike to bring down this government. Below is the summary of USP statement.

Those who want to endorse the statement please contact:
Please also forward your request and solidarity to
We must come forward to build our strength.
 We demand non-payment of debt. Implement capital control reinvests the money in essential industries and food production. Stop all privatisation attempts and nationalise all banks and key industries immediately, and bring them under democratic control of the workers.
 Implement price control of all essential commodities. Cancel all micro debt, clear all wage arrears to teachers and all workers. Increase the basic minimum wage and implement minimum wages standard for all workers, including for plantation and free trade zone workers, as demanded by the unions.
We appeal to all the union and students bodies and socialist organisations to come forward to agree on building mass oppositions that include Tamils, Muslims and plantation workers. We must unite together on some basic program including the demand outlined above.
We appeal to all workers and students to form their committees in the workplaces, colleges, and universities, and local communities to mobilise mass opposition. Form a national assembly consisting of rank and file trade union activists and socialist organisations and other activists to prepare for the struggle.


Demands to use at the protest:
Down with the Gotabaya government.
Refuse to pay and cancel all dept. –implement price control – Reduce prices for all essential commodities.
Unions – call strike action now
For a national people assembly to bring together all in struggle