Sri Lanka Independence Day:Tamil people are still oppressed!

Tamil Solidarity Campaign is calling this meeting against SIXTY-THREE years of continued oppression against minority and poor people.


Sri Lanka got independence from Britain in 1948. Yet still poor and minority people are oppressed by Sinhala Capitalist government.

Overall the Rajapaksa regime massacred more than 30,000 Tamil minority people in May 2009 – and has escaped any punishment.

That regime is still holding more than 50,000 minority people in military detention camps, and over 11,000 young people suspected of terrorism, without charge.

The Government is refusing to release the details of the young people in the camps. Their family don’t know whether they are alive or not. This is inhuman and against Sri Lanka and International law.

We are asking you to come forward against such horrible actions by the Sri Lankan government, and join our campaign for the rights of Tamil-speaking and all oppressed people in Sri Lanka.


Organising meeting:  Friday 4th February, 6pm

SPEAKER: Lawrence, TSC northern organiser

VENUE: Casa pub (bistro), 29 Hope Street, Liverpool, L1 9BQ.

Hope Street is opposite the Catholic cathedral on Mount Pleasant (map in attached leaflet and poster)