Sri Lanka human rights abuses to be raised at the European Parliament

The 35 MEP-strong left and environmental GUE/NGL group in the European Parliament has organised a meeting under the title: ‘the rise of national conflicts and religious tensions in Asia and Africa’.

This meeting will take place at the Parliament on Wednesday 8 December.

 Mr Joe Higgins MEP, a president of the Tamil Solidarity campaign, has organised this meeting. Joe will also address the meeting.

 Other speakers will include Mr Siritunga Jayasuriya. Siritunga is a chairman of the Civil Monitoring Commission, which investigated the brutal killings and disappearances mainly of Tamil people. Siritunga, another Tamil Solidarity president, will give a report on Sri Lanka’s history of systematic attack on minorities and recent gross human rights abuses.

 The India organiser for Tamil Solidarity, Mr Jagadish Chandra, will also give reports on human rights violations in India.

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