Sri Lanka film sparks Indian Parliament debate – Channel 4 – Video

C4 on Tuesday 13 March 2012
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India’s parliament erupted in uproar today when opposition MPs challenged the government’s reluctance to confront Sri Lanka over allegations of war crimes, brought to light by a Channel 4 film.

New evidence of war crimes will be aired on a Channel 4 documentary tomorrow night, which includes chilling video evidence of five men and a child who have been executed.

A UN resolution is currently being debated which calls on Sri Lanka to further investigate allegations and report back to the UN.

Callum Macrae, director of the documentary, Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields – War Crimes Unpunished, told Channel 4 News: “India has avoided taking a decision on the UN resolution.

“The uproar today came mostly from opposition MPs in the huge Tamil south of India, and they are demanding that India take a clear stand in support of the UN resolution.”

Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields – War Crimes Unpunished, will be aired on Channel 4 tomorrow night at 10.55pm.