Remember to fight on

Tamil-speaking people are going through a grieving period. They have suffered a loss of hundreds of thousands of lives and many more lives are in peril. The ordinary poor and working masses continue to die and suffer at the hands of all kind of oppressing forces. But today our grief is overwhelming. This year has seen deaths en mass at the hand of the ruling elite protecting its interest. People have not even been given a chance of bury the dead. They have not even been given a chance to properly grieve. We try to hide the sorrow in a momentary silence. We do not count the number in morning. All those slain will be remembered.

But our remembrance should be marked with a conviction to fight on. A determination to fight against all forms of oppression is the best way to honour those lives taken by the oppressors. We are serious about fighting all oppression but that means asking fundamental questions. How are we going to act in the best interest of the oppressed? What forces can we ally ourselves with? Who is serious about defending the rights of all? How can this government and the ruling elite be defeated? How can genuine democracy be achieved?

Tamil Solidarity believes that the only way to win self-determination, an end to oppression and genuine democracy is by uniting those forces who are determined to challenge the tyranny of the establishment. We call for a united struggle of the independent trade unions, socialist, youth, students, and all serious activists alongside the suffering working and poor, oppressed masses for a decent life for all.

Let us use our sorrow, anger, to strengthen our conviction against oppression. The fight against all forms of oppression is a long fight that demands seriousness and determination. Are we ready to give it all what we can and join that crucial struggle which will only end in the defeat of oppressive class all together?