Rally to commemorate fifth anniversary of Mullivaikkal Massacre

Five years on from May 2009, when Sri Lanka’s decades-long persecution of the Tamil people reached its violent climax on the shores of Mullivaikkal, British Tamils will commemorate the tens of thousands of Tamils who were killed and the many more who were injured, disappeared or raped.

The rally, which will be held in Trafalgar Square, London, will not only remember those who were killed and wounded in 2009, but also the thousands of Tamils who continue to be killed, tortured, abused and harassed every day in Sri Lanka, in what the Tamil people believe to be a continuing programme of structural genocide.

British Tamils will also press world leaders to honour their promise to obtain justice for the victims of Sri Lanka’s oppression of the Tamil people.

British Tamils Forum encourages both Tamils and the wider British community to join us in remembrance of the victims of this ongoing conflict on the island of Sri Lanka.

Venue: Trafalgar Square, London (nearest station: Charing Cross)
Time: 4-8pm, Sunday 18 May 2014