Public meeting with Paul Murphy MEP, London, Sunday 6 November

Paul has a long record of campaigning for the rights of Tamils and the working class and oppressed in Sri Lanka
Paul co-hosted the European Parliament hearing in June, as well as a special screening of Channel 4’s documentary, Killing Fields, a fortnight ago.
Paul and Tamil Solidarity have been given the opportunity of holding a meeting at the Socialist Party’s Socialism 2011 weekend of debate.
The meeting will be from 1pm to 3pm at University of London Union, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HY
Look on the website for tickets and full details –
if you can, we would encourage everyone to go along for the whole weekend

Below is the full text of the leaflet

  • Fact-finding mission to Sri Lanka’s killing fields

Paul Murphy, Member of the European Parliament (MEP for Socialist Party Ireland), as part of the GUE/NGL group of MEPs, with Tamil Solidarity, co-hosted a hearing at the

European Parliament in June on war crimes in Sri Lanka which resulted in the GUE group agreeing a fact finding mission. The Sri Lankan government has so far refused Paul and his team a Visa. Come and meet Paul, raise your concerns, give him your information, people he should meet when there etc

  • Eye-witness report from Tamil Solidarity work in Sri Lanka – Keerthikan
  • Protest against the upcoming LLRC report, due out soon

Help Tamil Solidarity plan a response to the lies of the Rajapaksa regime

  • Campaigns: stop the death penalty in India, stop deportations of Tamils to Sri Lanka

Reports from the campaigns and plans for the future

  • Liam Fox campaign – what next?

Don’t miss this meeting – Tamil Solidarity wants to hear from you! Join us

Tamil Solidarity’s record

Tamil Solidarity campaigns against the Sri Lankan government’s war crimes and its attack on all democratic rights. Alongside other organisations and campaigners, including the Socialist Party, we have organised lobbies of embassies and government ministries, petitions and demonstrations, public meetings and many other events. We are raising awareness in the trade union and student movements. We recently organised a successful hearing at the European Parliament where a resolution was passed agreeing plans for a fact-finding delegation to be sent to Sri Lanka.

In 2009 Tamil Solidarity played a key role in campaigning against the extension of the GSP+ tax concessions to Sri Lanka.

See for videos and reports

Your role!

In order to continue this important work we need all the support we can get from the trade union movement and activists in Britain. We appeal to all trade unionists to:

  • Sign up individually to the campaign
  • Get support for Tamil Solidarity from your student union, trade union or other organisation.

See website for model motions.

  • Fill in a standing order form and donate money towards this important work