Protest outside Chinese embassy against the regime responsible for the massacre in China and in Sri Lanka.

Protest taking place  on the day of  Tiananmen Square massacred

Wednesday 4th June,  4-7pm

49-51 Portland PL, W1B 1JL

Please join the protest.

More info;

07778 327044


In 1989, the Chinese regime brutally massacred thousands of students and workers who peacefully protested for democratic rights.

A number of Chinese activity, youth and student will be remembering this massacre on 4 June, protesting outside the Chinese embassy.

We request that Tamil join this protest on 4 June. The undemocratic Chinese regime aided the massacre of tens of thousands of Tamils in Sri Lanka in 2009. To this day the Chinese regime protects the criminal regime of Rajapaksa. As a result the Chinese government secured billions of dollar worth investment inside Sri Lanka, the main beneficiaries of which are the Rajapaksa family.

We must come together with Chinese activists and other human rights activists to oppose this brutal regime, that is not only responsible for suppression of workers and democratic rights in China, but support other brutal regimes across the world.