Protest against Tamil Refugees Deportation – Malaysia

On the morning of 4th June, a group of around 20 individuals and organisations gathered in front of the Police Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to voice their disagreement and concern over the recent deportation of Tamil refugees who mostly were under UNHCR protection back to Sri Lanka. Individual activists, Human Rights Commission ( NGO ) and Tamil Solidarity Malaysia joined the protest in solidarity.

The deported Tamils have no guarantee of a safe passage back to their villages by the Sri Lankan government. The cruel Rajapaksa regime as been documented repeatedly, was found to have used excessive force on returning refugees who are being suspected as former LTTE members. Many have been reported to be killed and many more are still missing.

The recent deportation is not unique in Malaysia as Australia is also seen to be taking similar steps. On June 1st, Leo Seemanpillai a young Tamil refuge set himself on fire and died in fear of deportation back to Sri Lanka by the Australian government.

We in Tamil Solidarity Malaysia with others condemn the action taken by the Malaysian government and demand an immediate stop to the deportation of the Tamil refugees. Most of the refugees are a registered UNHCR card holder and should subject to proper asylum and be recognized as such by the government of Malaysia. We also demand a humane treatment by the police department of Malaysia towards the refugees who are being treated badly.

Yuva, Tamil Solidarity Malaysia