PCS 2019 Conference

Tamil solidarity have set up stall at the annual conference of the public and commercial services union (PCS) at Brighton on the 20th May 2019.


PCS is one of the largest trade unions in the UK consisting of around 200,000 members. It is an organised union consisting of the civil service and government agencies such as the Home office and Customs & Revenue.


TS activists  Kethes and Saarankan attended the conference to  raise awareness amongst the PCS members over the plight of the Tamil speaking people living in Sri Lanka and to highlight that TS stands for the rights of workers and all oppressed people in Sri Lanka regardless of their ethnic/religious background.


Finally Tamil solidarity’s intervention at this conference was made in the aim of strengthening the links between Tamils working and living in Britain with the unions thereby explaining the important role they play in the defence of jobs and services.


The trade unions such as the PCS are after all natural allies of the Tamils.