Paul Murphy: Great elections win in Ireland

Paul Murphy, a long-time campaigner for Tamil rights, has achieved a sensational election win in Dublin, Ireland. Tamil Solidarity sends our congratulations to him.

Paul, standing for the Socialist Party, stood on a principled programme of defending public services, campaigning for more democratic and workers’ rights, and put forward an alternative to the establishment political parties. A centrepiece of his party’s campaign has been to mobilise opposition to the water tax, which is designed to make working-class and poor people pay a high cost for the essential service of providing clean water.

Paul has worked with the Tamil Solidarity campaign for many years. Previously, as a Member of the European Parliament, he hosted – with the GUE/NGL left/environmental group in the parliament – a forum to discuss the genocide in Sri Lanka.

He used that forum on many occasions to highlight the injustices in Sri Lanka. To call for an independent, international inquiry into war crimes. To protest against the deportation of Tamils back to Sri Lanka. To campaign against the generalised attack on democratic and workers’ rights by the Rajapakse regime.

Paul has been a true ally of the fight for Tamil rights, including for their right to self-determination. He has been a true ally of all the workers and oppressed in Sri Lanka. He stands in contrast with the establishment politicians who make speeches in support of the Tamils in order to win their votes, but then do nothing to help the Tamils in their day-to-day struggles.

Tamil Solidarity looks forward to working with him again, this time as a representative in the Irish parliament (the Dáil). We know he will always stand with us – as well as being a principled voice for the working-class in Ireland.


Manny Thain