No to Maithri -NO to TNA – Build our own force

NO- trust in any Sri Lankan government of the establishment
NO-trust in “diplomatic” TNA
NO -trust in the UN and the western governments

This is an appeal to workers and young people and the currently powerless in our community. We cannot leave the decisions about our futures in the hands of the super-rich and powerful. If we organise and discuss a way to make our voice heard we can have a say in the life we and the next generations have.
History shows that capitalist governments in Sri Lanka use the oppression of Tamils and other minorities to maintain their power. This shows the disaster that can follow if we surrender our fate to the ‘lesser evil’. Many of those who form the ‘new’ Sri Lankan government stand accused of war crimes. They all must be brought to justice. We want a government that will allow all the democratic rights and freedom to its people. We will have to organise ourselves into a mass party that can win such rights. TNA leaders claiming to lead Tamils also don’t represent us. They don’t see beyond the ‘negotiating table’. What we cannot win in the battle ground we will not win with so-called diplomacy. We must build our own strength and bring it to bear through struggle and an independent political voice if we are to win anything.

In all the elections the TNA has systematically created illusions in India and the UN and rest of the capitalist western governments – the very forces that either participated in or watched in silence when tens of thousands of Tamils were massacred. After the recent election all these governments have revealed their true intentions. They do not care about Tamils’ human rights and our demand for national rights. They intend to advance the interests of big business in the countries they represent using our grievances.

We must reject them all. We must strengthen ourselves by building our own working class political strength. Linking up with other struggling forces across the planet will only bring us strength. We must improve our understanding of the south Asian geo politics, world politics and forces that determine the world order. Let us join together. Please contact us if you are interested in allocating time to build such a fightback. We request all young people who want to do something to stop the suffering of tens of thousands to give a bit of their time to engage in political discourse and building our political strength. Please contact us.

The UK government minister, Hugo Swire, has justified the delay by saying that, “the extra time will create an opportunity for the new Sri Lankan government to deliver on its commitment to engage with the UN investigation, potentially generating additional material to inform the High Commissioner’s report”. However, the possibility of more information emerging should not prevent the publication of the report as it stands.

This is a poor justification that clearly hides hidden motives for the delay in publication. The UK government should repeat its generosity by giving more time to refugees who face deportation to Sri Lanka, where they could be imprisoned and tortured.
Can those affected by war crimes rely on imperialist powers to help them get justice? Where else can they turn to get move forward with their political struggle?
Join us for a discussion on the UNHRC report:

Place :
Queen Mary University
Room 1.13 -bancroft building

Date : 11th March
Time: 6.00pm -8.00pm