#ModiNotWelcome – Protest against Modi visit to UK

Along with many other organisations Tamil Solidarity took part in the protest against Modi’s visit to the UK. It was an energetic protest that expressed the widespread and massive anger against Modi. As well as joining in with the slogans, such as “Modi not welcome”, “end caste oppression” and “end BJP rule,” Tamil Solidarity expressed unity with the Kashmiris and Gujaratis and others who took part in the protest. Protesters warmly welcomed the Tamil Solidarity participation and the urge for united action in the future against the atrocious Indian government was strong.

Please see below some of the pictures and media reports.

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Here is the brief details of what is been said to the media by  TU Senan, international coordinator of Tamil Solidarity.

Tens of thousands of people from a South Asian background living in Britain are all too aware of what Modi is capable of- and what he has done in the past and what he is doing now. He is accused of complicity in the slaughter of the Muslim minority in Gujarat and his hangmen are known for inciting religious hatred to mobilise right-wing political Hindu nationalist support.

Many people of oppressed caste are killed every day in India. Caste-based valance has increased under the Modi government as it promotes right-wing Hindu nationalism. He is now also very much hated by the millions of workers, due to the labour reforms which aim to cut union rights and make way for the further exploitation of the big corporations. Land legislation also pushed through by the Modi government to further punish the tribal communities, many of whom are on the verge of becoming extinct due to the ruthless mining companies teaming up with the government to kill and displace thousands of them.

In addition, the Modi government’s foreign policies have angered people in all the neighbouring countries. The Indian government is seen as complicit in the 2009 massacre of the Tamils in Sri Lanka. Modi’s visit to Sri Lanka, strictly based on advancing Indian big business’s economic interests, did not address a single issue relating to the human rights issues or demands of the Tamils in that island. The Indian government continues to protect the Sri Lankan government in the UN against the establishment of any sort of international mechanism for investigation.

Modi is not only responsible for various heinous crimes in India, but also capable of committing further crimes and massacres. His government rounded up and arrested numerous activists in Kashmir prior to his visit to the UK. He is very much capable of starting a war on the Pakistan border for his and his class’s benefit. This is why he is considered to be one of the most dangerous men on the planet.

Vicious persecution of activists who dare to raise opposition had increased in India. Recently a street artist, Kovan, was arrested in Tamil Nadu for singing on the street. In every state political activists are being arrested and some are detained without charge. Modi originates from the notorious Hindu fascist group called the RSS. It was an RSS member who killed Gandhi when Gandhi started to speak in favour of division of India. Even now RSS members hunt and kill many progressive activists and incite hate violence in the name of religion. It is disgraceful to see Modi laying flowers at a Gandhi statue outside the British parliament.

In the past Modi was refused a visa to travel to western countries due to pressure from human rights campaigners who pointed to the horrendous crimes of which he is still accused. It is a measure of the degree to which this Tory government disregard democratic rights in the pursuit of advancing trade and big business interests. There is huge anger at the extravagance laid on for Modi as he is paraded and given such a welcome. David Cameron accused the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn of being a security threat because he spoke in a meeting with Palestinians. Meanwhile he is shamelessly rolling out the red carpet for the dictators and criminals of this world. The Tory government claims that it is for the benefit of the British people and claims to be making billion pound deals. These deals will not only devastate millions of lives in India, but also will not benefit the working class in Britain. Only a tiny minority of corporations will benefit from this.

This is why we say this visit is “not in our name”. The protesters wanted to send a strong message to the voters and activists in India. Modi doesn’t represent us here. He doesn’t represent your interests either within India or without. Rise up against Modi and BJP rule! Build your own independent mass force. Tamil Solidarity is doing all it can both in India and in Britain to build a movement to challenge the dictators, their friends, and the system they represent.