Manchester National Union of Journalists (NUJ) branch supports the Tamil Solidarity campaign

Tamil Solidarity spoke at the NUJ branch on Monday. We explained to NUJ members what is the current situation in Sri Lanka.

We raised the points about:

  • Militarised detention camps where more than 100,000 Tamil people are still in the camps.
  • Special Camps where more than 15,000 young people are kept in secret places.
  • Political prisoners who are staying in jail without any charge
  • military currently put pressure to Tamil People with the continued army occupation of Tamil areas
  • High Security Zones, and how far they are affecting Tamil people.
  • How for journalists there are huge risks when they tell the truth about the war and the government

We explained to NUJ members what Tamil Solidarity stands for.

The NUJ branch agreed to support Tamil Solidarity campaign, and they will send people to the Northern Conference.

Lawrence Arokianathan.