Join the protest on 18 May

The 30-year long war in Sri Lanka came to an end on 18 May 2009 after a brutal massacre, which saw the Sri Lankan government commit major atrocities against the Tamil-speaking people. Even the United Nations estimates that at least 40,000 were killed in the final month of the war alone.

Two years have now passed but still thousands of people are kept in detention camps and torture prisons.

This year, on Wednesday 18 May, Tamil Solidarity and many other groups will be organising a protest in remembrance of the massacre and in defence of the rights of the Tamil people.

A protest and rally are organised in
Trafalgar Square, London
Time 6pm to 8.30pm

Internationally Tamil Solidarity is also organising a remembrance protest outside the European Parliament.

Pprotest starting at Schuman at 2pm and marching to the European Parliament, concluding at 4pm.

We urge everyone who stands for the rights of the oppressed and against war and brutal repression to join these protests. The other protests which have been organised around the world should also be supported.

The protest at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium is supported by Paul Murphy MEP. Paul’s statement is below.

Dear Comrades and friends,

 Next 18th of May marks the second anniversary of the end of the civil war in Sri Lanka. The latest estimates by the UN indicate that during this bloody conflict approximately 40,000 Tamil people died in the bombings carried out by the chauvinist Rajapakse government. Many more were wounded, lost their homes, families and loved ones.

 Despite the, very late, report by the UN, until this day there is still no precise figures of how many people have died or how deep the involvement of the Sri Lankan government was in these crimes.

 On the 18th of May protests will take place across Europe to commemorate the lives that were lost, to express solidarity with the Tamil people still living in horrible conditions and demand a thorough investigation into the committed war crimes.

 In Brussels there will be a protest starting at Schuman at 2pm and marching to the European Parliament, concluding at 4pm. The protest is organised by the Tamil Solidarity campaign. Attached is a leaflet in Dutch and French about the protest.

 On behalf of the Tamil solidarity campaign I’d like to extend an invitation to all in GUE/NGL to join the protest. If you have any questions on this or would like to meet with representatives from the Tamil Solidarity campaign please feel free to get in contact with me or with my office.