Indian government – End the attacks!

End the attacks on the Kashmiris!

End the attacks on Arundhati!

Once again the Indian government, the so-called biggest democracy in the world, has exposed its true brutal nature. It not only denies the rights of the Kashmiri people but it attempts to crush any of those who speak out against the repression.

Since June of this year well over 100 Kashmiri people have been killed by the occupying Indian army, with many more injured, most of them young.

The government has made no serious attempt to address the overwhelming desire for Azaadi (freedom) and it has failed to bring even one murderer to justice. Furthermore the government has made it clear that it will not tolerate any voice that speaks for the rights of the Kashmiri people.

The well-known writer and Booker prize winner, Arundhati Roy was threatened with a charge of sedition just because she participated in a public meeting in Kashmir expressing solidarity with the Kashmiris’ suffering and their genuine demands for rights. By doing so the government has set off nationalist, racist forces against her. Now the semi-fascist RSS is threatening to ‘fix’ her and have attacked her house. Unfortunately, given the government’s stance towards the outspoken Arundhati, further attacks are not ruled out and her life and freedom are in danger.

The Indian media, which has failed, in the main, to report on the reality of life for suffering Kashmiri people, has jumped at the opportunity to revel in Arundhati’s plight.

The Tamil Solidarity Campaign stands for the rights of the Kashmiri people and strongly condemns the attacks on Arundhati. She is a key supporter of the campaign and spoke out against the Sri Lankan government’s slaughter of Tamil people.

We call on all who stand up for the rights of the oppressed masses, for freedom of speech and freedom of assembly to join the protest outside the Indian high commission on Thursday 4th November at 1pm.

The Indian government has blood on its hands. Stand in solidarity with those who fight its repression.

Protest: Thursday 4 November 1pm

High Commission of India,
India House,
London WC2B 4NA

Nearest tubes: Holborn, Covent Garden, Temple and Charing Cross.

For further information contact Senan, international coordinator of Tamil Solidarity, on 07 90 80 50 217 or