Indian Film Academy Condemned

The decision of the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) to hold this year’s awards festival in Colombo has been widely condemned. The Film Employees’ Federation of South India (FEFSI) which represents the film employees’ union, producers’ union, actors’ union, directors’ union, distributors’ union and many other workers in the south Asian film industry strongly opposed this event taking place in Colombo.

The FEFSI call for a cessation of the Sri Lankan government’s attempt to cover up the large-scale massacre of Tamils and urge Bollywood to change the venue. The FEFSI has also threatened that if the IIFA fails to change the venue support for a boycott will be mobilised among all film industry workers.

 Save Tamils (Tamil Nadu, India), which is actively campaigning for the boycott of the IIFA event if it is held in Colombo, has requested that protest letters and boycott requests be sent to film workers.

Tamil solidarity support the Save Tamils call for boycott of the IIFA eveent to be held in Colombo.

Please also sent your protest letters to or