Hymns for the Drowning

  Hymns for the Drowning
Director: Rani Moorthy
Date: Thursday 18th November 2010
7:30 pm
(FREE. Booking essential)
Nexus Art Café
Northern Quarter,
Dale Street,
M1 1JW 
For bookings and info:
Sabbi: 0161 234 2975
Rani Moorthy will be performing two or three monologues both comic and poignant, based on characters and stories informed by her own research as well as interviews with Manchester Tamils. 
In 2003, Rani Moorthy, Artistic Director of RASA and a Malaysian Tamil living in Manchester, took her play Pooja to Sri Lanka during a period of relative peace. Performing a play that exposed her life and personal journey to displaced young people in the war zone, unlocked in them buried emotions that were expressed during the workshops that followed. Even in the short time with them, there was much hope and healing through story-telling.
Hymns for the Drowning is a project that aims to gather stories of survival, stories that can illuminate the past and present and enrich the lives of participants. Through workshops with Tamils in Manchester and the unique stories of survival, Hymns for the Drowning will enable all of us to understand what it takes to “put our suitcase down”. This play is a sharing of the stories gathered so far.
Tamil solidarity members also participated in the research and TS will be present on thursday. Please mail us to find out more.