Tamil Solidarity supports Housing Day of Action

Tenants and housing workers in London are fighting back on Saturday 17th April. A day of action on housing will demand: “Stop the evictions! Drop the debts!”

This day of action is called by Socialist Party along with the housing workers’ branch of the general union Unite, and the Social Housing Action Campaign (Shac), London Renters Union. This is also supported by Black and Asian caucus of the socialist party.

Housing in London has been a major problem for working-class and young people. This worsened in the pandemic period. Overcrowded and unaffordable homes have helped to drive Covid transmission. Housing debts have soared. Many tenants are at risk of eviction and increased debt problems. Refugees and asylum seekers had no help towards rent or decent accommodation in this period. Many have been forced to rely on help from relatives and friends. While big businesses are bailed out by the government many are left to suffer. 

Many Tamils, particularly those who rent and asylum seekers have faced numerous problems due to lack of proper housing or rent regulations. Uncertainty created by this situation had contributed to worsening mental health and other problems in the Tamil community. Tamil Solidarity fully supports the housing campaign and the demands put forward in the day of action.


  • No eviction
  • Drop the debts
  • Build councils home
  • Democratic rent caps 
  • Secure tenancies for all 
  • Right to leave without extortionate debt claim

Safe, socially distanced protests will take place across the capital. This will include a 1 Pm march, with PPE and in groups of six, from the Boundary Estate in Shoreditch, east London.

We invite everyone to take part in this campaign. 


Please contact us : 

Phoen : 07809269672

Email : lawanya@tamilsolidarity.org