Hands off free education and free healthcare – Stop state repression on students and workers



A protest took place in London on Friday 7th July outside the Sri Lankan high commission against the Sri Lankan state repressions and the brutal police attacks on students and workers.

Free education and free healthcare in Sri Lanka in is a proud achievement of all the working class and masses of people. It was a right that was won through struggle and this is now under threat.

Students and workers in Sri Lanka were peacefully protested against privatisation of education and healthcare have been subjected to harassment and intense attack. More than 85 students have been hospitalised and many arrested.

A solidarity protest in London was held in Solidarity with the fight that is taking place against privatisation in Sri Lanka. This protest was organised by a collective Lankan organisations -in UK and supported by various organisations including Tamil Solidarity.

The protest was lively and energetic with slogans being chant in three languages – Tamil, Sinhala and English. A sense of unity was felt amongst the different communities that attended – Sinhala, Tamil- speaking people, Muslim community, the student in Britain.

Those that attended the protest were united in struggle fighting to save the rights that they won together.

Hands of our free education was the main slogan.

This protest shows that current Sri Lankan government is no friend to the Sinhala masses and that they do not represent the interest of ordinary people.

The Tamil speaking people must link with the masses of student and workers in Sri Lanka and stand together against this brutal government.

Tamil solidarity members have actively taken part in protest and also spoke in solidarity. Our placards were well- received especially the one saying No to Ranil, Maithri, Sampanthan and Rajapaksa – Build a real alternative.

The protest on Friday was an important step forward and vital to keep the rights we won and to fight for more.