Father identifies the girl with Isaipriya in photos

 A female LTTE carder appeared in photos released by British Tamil Forum (BTF) is supposedly by her father.

BTF released a series of photos allegedly showing LTTE female journalist Isaipriya in Sri Lanka military captive. A person from Mullativ now says that he had identified one of the girls in these photos as his daughter.

K Gunalingam said his daughter Ushanili was forced to join LTTE under their “one from each family” regulation.

Sri Lanka military said earlier that Isaipriya was killed in the military combat. However, a British Channel 4 documentary claimed Isaipriya was in fact captured by the military and has been raped before being killed. However Sri Lanka government denied the charges and accused Channel 4 of spreading propaganda of Tamil Diaspora.

These newly release photos, if they proved be authentic could become a strong evidence for Channel 4’s claim of cold blooded murders done by Sri Lanka military during the last phrase of war.

Sri Lanka Army spokesperson Brigadier Ruwan Wanigasooriya speaking to BBC said that he cannot come to a conclusion about the authenticity of these photos.

“Tamil people know that we have rehabilitated over twelve-thousand militants who were captured during the war,” he said.

Sri Lanka military defeated separatist LTTE in 2009 ending three-decade long civil conflict. Both parties were accused of serious war crimes. However, Sri Lanka government denied charged and refused to corporate with any international investigation.

Thanks; NIDAHASA News