Everybody who opposes a pure Sinhala Govt. will be murdered –threat from Dutugemunu Balakaya

(Lanka-e-News -22.Nov.2010 11.30PM) A group calling itself the ‘ Dutugemunu balakaya’ has sent letters of threats to some lawyers at Hultsdorf that all those who are traitorous will be murdered.

These letters have been received by them yesterday (21) . These threatening letters from the Dutugemunu Balakaya has been received by Lawyers who are engaged in legal actions for and on behalf of Democracy.

These letters holding out grave threats state that when the terrorism demanding division has been destroyed and efforts are being made to unite the country , local and international websites, newspapers and Lawyers who appear on behalf of these media and all others who are traitorous in respect of the country will be murdered .

The letter further states that everybody who opposes the creation of a pure Sinhala Govt. will be murdered.

Threatening letter as follows: