Enforced Disappeared 1000 Days Protest

The tamil diaspora in the UK held a demonstration outside no. 10 Downing street in the UK to mark the 1000 days protest carried out by the families of the enforced disappeared of Sri Lanka.

Record number of Tamils living in the UK attended  this demonstration to show their support to all those families who have been staging their roadside protest for over three years. Activists from TGTE and Tamil Solidarity took up key roles in implementing this demonstration and protest with various activists leading the chants, giving out personal testimonies, speeches and even a song to mark the 1000 days of protest.  

 The office of missing people are yet to identify a missing individual who surrendered during the last phase of the war in Sri Lanka .Some Mothers looking for their children have sadly passed away mostly due to heartache and exhaustion, whilst the wives of the enforced disappeared live a very uncertain life waiting for their loved ones to return home.

 The Tamil diaspora in the UK are aware of these roadside protests conducted by the families of the missing and sent a strong and direct message to the international community and to the Sri Lankan government that we will demand justice for all those who have been enforced disappeared by the Sri Lankan state. This demonstration also highlighted the abuses, abductions,torture suffered by the minorities of Sri Lanka and also gave a stark warning of the possible return of the Rajapakses. 

 Various witness testimonies and speeches were given by the organisers and activists of this event. some of the testimonies were heart wrenching to listen to but it certainly did highlight the real ground situation in Sri Lanka and its rampant and racist various security forces impunitive activities against the minorities of the Island. 

Regardless of the cold weather this demonstration showcased to all those living in the UK that Tamils living abroad will not be silenced by the state of Sri Lanka and are hellbound in achieving justice for all those who perished, went missing and enforced disappeared by the GOSL.




picture credits: TGTE Media, Ethir Media.