Belgium left students(ALS) support students protest.

Actief Linkse Studenten
Hoveniersstraat 45, 1080 Molenbeek
02/345 61 81 ||
Brussels, 21.3.2013
Through the Tamil Solidarity campaign the Actif Left Students, a leftwing socialist student movement in Belgium, have been informed about the student protest in Tamil Nadu.
We wish to send our solidarity greetings to the many young people who are protesting and showing their anger on the genocide in the war in Sri Lanka and the complicity of the Indian elite by its support of president/dictator Rajapakse.
We fully support the demand of a commission of inquiry that is independent from the Sri Lanka state, a commission with representatives of the workers movement and poor people from all communities, observed by international trade union and human rights organisations.
The aim of the US-resolution in the UNHRC is to silence the calls for a real investigation on the war crimes and genocide, and to give a free way for the Sri Lankan government and to silence all critical voices on the issue.
The youth of Tamil Nadu make clear they won’t be silenced. Mass protest is the way to organise resistance. We will do our best to support local solidarity activities in Belgium and to make the struggle of the Tamil Nadu youth known amongst Belgian youth.
Keep up the struggle! Solidarity!
For the Actief Linkse Studenten (ALS),
Mathias Vander Hoogstraeten, national organiser