Austrian Solidarity with the Tamil people‏-Sebastian Kugler

“Facing the crimes against the Tamil people in Sri Lanka, a wave of international solidarity rolls towards the Sri Lankian embassies all over the world. Austria is no exception. On the 24th of June activists from the „Socialist LeftParty“ (SLP), the austrian section of the „Committee for a Worker’s International“ (CWI) demonstrated their solidarity with the Tamil people in front of Sri Lanka’s embassy in Vienna. We held speeches in which we explained the injustice done to ethnic minorities in Sri Lanka and protested against the violence against the Tamils and civilians in general. In the week before we had collected signatures on several occasions, giving people the opportunity to join our protest by signing our protest letter on a long roll of paper. We handed over the 10 meters of protest signatures to an employee of the embassy.

After that, the embassy sent another employee, who pretended that he just came by on accident and wanted to talk to us, to convince us that the government in Sri Lanka doesn’t do any injustice. He exactly knew who we were and even when we would end the manifestation, which showed that he definitely wasn’t just passing by. His riddiculous attempts to justify the violence were succesless.

This was certainly not the last act of solidarity in Austria and we hope that also in many other countries the people will stand up against the injustice done to the Tamil people.”
In Solidarity

Sebastian Kugler, SLP