Anti Racist Demo in London

Anti-racist march and rally  this Saturday, 21st March.  Assemble 12 noon central London followed by rally at Trafalgar Square..

Last year, 10,000 people marched in central London amongst them students and trade unionists, people of all faiths, migrants, musicians, teachers, pensioners and parents commemorating the anniversary of the Sharpeville massacre in Apartheid South Africa. A huge demonstration this year, a month before the General Election will send a powerful message to the politicians.

Under the current economic climate the population is being divided, whilst those at the top are getting away with various crimes from paedophilia to large scale robberies (in the case of the bankers). From tough immigration laws to ruthless cuts to benefits to workforce at the core of society, vast number of the population are being hard hit. To prevent them from standing together and fighting for their rights and demanding for what is rightfully theirs, politicians are dividing and ruling to weaken the mass. That’s how they were able to commit mass murder in the name of imperialism.

Tamil solidarity supports the demonstration. As a grassroots campaign that fights for human rights of the Tamil-speaking especially those in Britain, we see a lot of marginalisation and racism faced by these ethnic minorities living in Britain in particular due to the ruthless racist propaganda whipped up by UKIP in the past few months. We have also organised protests and against the Sinhala chauvinist groups in Sri Lanka, which unleashed brutal attacks on the Muslim populations living in the island. As a campaign that stands-up against all form of oppression we welcome such demonstration in the future.

Come and join us for this National Demonstration on Saturday 21 March 2015, Assemble @ 12pm, BBC Portland Place London W1A 1AA (nearest tube Oxford Circus). Rally @ Trafalgar Square

Uniting will only strengthen our struggles.   #standuptoracism #m21