Anti Nuclear Solidarity action in Malaysia

On 24th October, a group of people representing 4 different organizations went to the Indian High Commission to hand over a memorandum which expresses our disagreement with Indian governments’ treatment of the Kudankulam campaigners and the building of nuclear power plant that could risk the life of 1 million people in the area.

Of the groups which present and signed the memorandum with Tamil Solidarity Malaysia are Malaysian Peoples Party (PRM), local University Student Group (KAMI) and Youth Wing of Peoples Party.

Our demands were addressed to Indian High Commissioner of Malaysia are as follows:

• Stop commissioning of the Kudankulam nuclear plant immediately • Stop police brutality against the Kudankulam fighters and restore the democratic right to dissent & protest

• An immediate halt to all existing and future nuclear power projects.• We demand massive public investment into renewable energy projects that are sustainable and environmentally friendly

• An independent people’s inquiry into the health effects created by the nuclear power projects & proper relief and rehabilitation for those affected by nuclear power plants.

• A complete review of the Indian official secrets act under which the Nuclear insanity is being perpetuated• A referendum of the people of Kudankulam and surrounding districts to decide on the future of the Nuclear Project there.

One the occasion, we decided to form an alliance to further our anti-nuclear campaign and to organize grassroots’ resistance in Malaysia in the future. Malaysia is also planning to build 7 nuclear power plants throughout our peninsula by 2025. There is a need to form an alliance such as this to raise consciousness about environmental and radioactive issues among the local activists. The platform of Malaysian Anti-Nuclear Alliance is currently being led by Tamil Solidarity Malaysia and PRM and is hoping for a growing participation from other green activist groups.


Tamil Solidarity– Malaysia