4th of February- Black Day for Tamils of Sri Lanka

On the 4th of February 2020 Tamil Solidarity called a protest outside the Sri Lankan High Commission in the UK. This protest marked as black day for many activists. 

This year the current president who was a defence minister during the massacre of 2009 had accepted that all those who have surrendered during the war and abducted during and after the war are all dead. Around 20 000 people he claimed to have perished under the hands of LTTE. In fact the huge number of disappearances have taken place after the so called end of war which according to the government was the end of LTTE. How is now the defeated and dead LTTE soldiers take the lives of those who surrendered after the war? A question that the current government will not explain as they are looking for scapegoat to level the blame of killing thousands . This had caused a great deal of anger and frustration to all those who protested outside the High Commission yesterday.

Tamils in the Island and abroad commemorated this day as a black day. Protests and demonstrations were held worldwide showcasing the plight of Tamils and other minorities of that Island who have been systematically refused their democratic rights since so called independence.

Tamil solidarity activists once again laid out their demands very clearly with various activists orating both in English and Tamil calling out the hypocrisy of celebrating independence whilst secret camps are still operational, political prisoners languishing behind bars for over decades, families of the victims not receiving any sort of explanation to the  brazen statement made by the president, and not giving back the lands owned by Tamils. When the Sri Lankan government was organising a celebration inside the warm building, hundreds protested in the cold weather – who mourned the thousands perished in the hands of the Sri Lankan government and demanded justice for those who are still suffering. These were some of the demands out of many that were shouted out as slogans. These slogans had few of the Sri Lankan officials rattled and their natural reaction was to photograph and videograph the protesters once again.

From the Brigadier Fernando Fiasco it is apparent that all activists and protesters are monitored very closely by the Sri Lankan government. The idea of taking pictures to intimidate those who actively seek  justice was done right in front of the British police officers. The Sri Lankan government called in the help of British police wasting our taxpayers money to provide security for their own celebration. But the protest was peaceful despite the anger and sadness felt by all. 

We do not believe that the Sri Lankan government that shamelessly continues to justify killing tens of thousands will deliver justice. Hence the demand for freedom – recognition of right to self determination of Tamil speaking masses in Sri lanka is stronger than ever. 

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