4th feb 2019 black day Protest held by TS


Tamil Solidarity activists along with other diaspora organisations have called a protest  outside the Sri Lankan High commission on the 4th of February 2019. The protest was about the hypocrisy in celebrating an independence day while fundamental rights are continued to be denied  for all ethnic minorities and all the oppressed in Sri Lanka.


Many have joined under Tamil Solidarity banner to raise their voice against the Sri Lankan regime. Leaflets of TS demands were circulated among the protesters. The leaflets contained demands such as: where are the missing? Release all political prisoners, allow right of self-determination etc. Protesters have sent a clear message to Sri Lankan Government that their opposition is here to stay and the fight back will continue. Sri Lankan authorities responded by filming and taking photographs of the protesters, presumably to use it to persecute the protesters when they get a chance.


One of the female Sri Lankan Diplomat walked quite casually among the protesters with her phone taking video footages. Last year ex defence attaché Priyanga Fernando made similar footage and gave death threat to all the protesters. This time they have restrained from making their feeling obvious. However protesters were clearly able to feel the animosity.


Once again it was evident that  the diplomats were busy collecting evidence against the protesters and the lead activists. Protesters were well aware that It is in the mind of each successive Sri Lankan government to deny the rights of Tamils. For the same reason we continue to demand our rights and the message for the Sri Lankan government is clear: Fight back will continue.


Many protesters have shown keen interest in Tamil solidarity demands, thereby signing up to our campaign. It is imperative that Tamil Solidarity pushes forward with an assertive stance like it has always done and it is evident after today that this campaign can only get stronger.


We welcome everyone to get involved in the debate and discussion about what is the way forward for Tamils to work out a best strategy to take the fight forward. Please contact Tamil Solidarity to take part in the discussion or join the fight back.

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